Telopea - a plant systematics journal

We will be publishing a Special Issue of the scientific journal TELOPEA in honour of Dr Elizabeth Brown who sadly died last year. We would like to acknowledge her contributions to systematic botany and to celebrate her achievements through her career of twenty-four years at the National Herbarium of New South Wales.

This is an invitation to those who have collaborated with Elizabeth and/or to those who wish to acknowledge her contribution to botany by submitting a manuscript to a special issue of TELOPEA.

Volumes 16 & 17

Table of Contents

Volume 16

The rare moss Acaulon schimperianum (Pottiaceae) in East Asia PDF
Dong-Ping Zhao 1-4
Two new species and a new combination in the lichen genus Pertusaria in Brazil PDF
Alan W. Archer, John Alan Elix 5-8
Typification of some species of Indigofera (Fabaceae) PDF
Peter G Wilson 9-12
Apodasmia ceramophila, a new Western Australian species of Restionaceae PDF
Barbara Gillian Briggs, Lawrence AS Johnson 13-17
Leptocarpus (Restionaceae) enlarged to include Meeboldina and Stenotalis, with new Western Australian species and subgenera PDF
Barbara Gillian Briggs, Lawrence AS Johnson 19-41
Revision of Salvia subg. Calosphace sect. Membranaceae (Lamiaceae) PDF
Jesús Guadalupe González-Gallegos 43-81

Volume 17 (Elizabeth Brown Special Issue)

Elizabeth Anne Brown 15 November 1956 – 17 November 2013 PDF
Louisa J. Murray, Barry J. Conn 1-10
A new species in the lichen genus Pertusaria from Brazil PDF
Alan W. Archer, John Alan Elix 11-13
Floral fraudulence: Do blue Thelymitra species (Orchidaceae) mimic Orthrosanthus laxus (Iridaceae)? PDF
Retha Marie Edens-Meier, Robert A Raguso, Eric Westhus, Peter Bernhardt 15-28
Desmocladus (Restionaceae) enlarged to include the Western Australian Harperia, Kulinia and Onychosepalum PDF
Barbara Gillian Briggs 29-33

ISSN: 2200-4025